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Beware of the Aerated Golf Course

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When it comes to booking a tee time for your upcoming golf trip, it is important to look into the golf course maintenance schedule. Typically golf courses in the Las Vegas area over seed and aerate their golf course for “Winter Over Seeding” during September and October to prepare the course for colder soil temperatures that drop below 70 degrees during the winter months.

As an avid golfer, I understand that the process of adding Rye grass into courses that are Bermuda grass based, which takes two-four weeks, must be done to give a golf course that emerald green look. Yet, nothing can more frustrating than booking a tee time for an excellent price only to a find out that you will be playing a golf course that looks as if it has been dried out. Or when you strike a putt with a superb roll and then suddenly see it bounce off line like a car with blown out tires due to punched greens.

Finally my personal favorite experience when it comes to playing a golf course in the Las Vegas area during the over seeding months of September and October has to be when I was looking forward to playing a monster of a track from the tips that happened to land on an above average temperature Fall day. The last words that I heard from the cart barn staff before taking the cart to the first tee was “Sir, we have placed a bucket of ice water in your cart because you may need it today because the course is in a ‘cart path only’ mode.”

By looking at the website of the golf course you intend to play for the maintenance schedule or even better calling and asking if the course is preparing or has just finished its “Winter Over Seeding” you can save the frustration for the casino tables.

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