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Happy New Year from Las Vegas Golf Magazine.

We are looking forward to the new year and exposing

more people to Las Vegas and all the great golf that is here.


Welcome to Paradise

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Greetings and thanks for checking out our website. We at Las Vegas Golf Magazine believe we have put together something pretty unique and are confident this is the site to come to when you are planning a golf vacation.

We wanted to be more than just golf, however. That is why we included descriptions of hotels, restaurants, attractions and nightlife because as much as we would like to, you can’t spend every minute on a golf course.

Las Vegas is so much more than golf and gambling. The town has become a real destination for foodies and some of the top chefs in the world have created distinct homages to food. Celebrity chefs have also found Vegas and top names such as Giada DeLlaurentis, Guy Fieri, Buddy Valastro and Gordon Ramsey all have places here.

One of the reasons we enjoy this town so much are all the attractions that are offered. You can shoot machine guns, race a NASCAR vehicle at the same place where the pros race, Fly in a helicopter over the Strip, Skydive indoors.

Obviously Vegas is known for nightlife and some people believe this town doesn’t get going until well after dark. The hotels bring in the best stars to perform. Tiger Woods knows this and Mandalay Bay hosts his charity concert every year. Disc Jockeys have also invaded the town and made the clubs the best in the world.

We hope to bring you all of this and more. We welcome you and hope you agree that there is nothing like this town anywhere.