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Clarion Hotel latest in a history of Las Vegas implosions

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In the wee hours of Tuesday morning The Clarion Hotel was imploded and another piece of Las Vegas history was reduced to rubble. It was the 13th hotel in Las Vegas to meet the fate of a serious amount of dynamite. This implosion wasn’t the spectacle of past demolitions and it didn’t even go as planned. The elevator shaft didn’t fall and had to be taken down after the dust settled.
Like previous hotels that have been flattened, the Clarion had a rich history and was linked to the glory days of Vegas. A brief history of the facility can be found here. The implosion was captured on video and can be seen here.
Below is a list of previous hotel demolitions with links to video of the implosions.
The Dunes Hotel was the first and was demolished in 1993 and was replaced by the Bellagio. Click here for implosion video.
The Landmark met its demise in 1995 and wasn’t replaced by another resort, but instead a parking lot for the Las Vegas Convention Center. Click here for implosion video.
The Sands, where Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack were frequent headliners, fell in 1996. The Venetian took over that spot. Click here for implosion video.
Redd Foxx was associated with the Hacienda and was the star of that hotel’s lounge for years. It was destroyed in 1997 and replaced by Mandalay Bay. Click here for implosion video.
One futuristic hotel gave way to another when the Aladdin was blown up to make room for Planet Hollywood in 1998. Click here for implosion video.
One of our sentimental favorites the El Rancho has a long, storied history in addition to the place where we learned to play craps. The hotel closed in 1992 and didn’t get brought down until eight years later. Ironically, the Fontainebleau, which replaced it, sits unfinished with an uncertain future. Click here for implosion video.
The Desert Inn, which had a golf course on property and was the site of an LPGA Tournament for years, met its demise in 2001. It was replaced by the Wynn Las Vegas. Click here for implosion video.
The Castaways was off the Strip, located on Boulder Highway and dates back to the mid-50s. It hosted professional bowling events and professional boxing. It was destroyed in 2006 though replacement plans remain sketchy. Click here for implosion video.
Bourbon Street is another facility that doesn’t have a replacement, but was taken down anyway in 2006. It was a smaller casino located on the east end of the central Strip. Famed singer Wayne Newton was a minority owner at one point. Click here for implosion video.
Boardwalk was the third casino to be imploded in 2006. When open it had a rollercoaster on the roof and had a Coney-island theme. It sat where the City Center is now. Click here for implosion video.
The Stardust was the casino featured in the movie Casino and when it opened in 1958 it featured the largest swimming pool, casino and hotel. It was blown up in 2007. Click here for implosion video.
One of the oldest casinos to be imploded was the New Frontier in 2007. It had the distinction of being the first place Elvis Presley performed in Las Vegas and the site of one of Diana Ross and the Supremes last concert. An Australian billionaire hopes to build a new casino there. Click here for implosion video

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